Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Walk to End Alzheimer's

A couple of weekends ago
we went to waco to do a 
Walk to End Alzheimer's
in support of my mom.
We had the two fold mission,
of supporting medical research to stop Alzheimer's
but more importantly to pray for breakthrough for my mom
and believe God for healing.
So we walked and prayed.
It was awesome and I am so glad we did it!
 There were flowers here to represent people who had alzheimer's
or people who cared for them.
 It was a beautiful day to walk so we were thankful.
 Post walk.
 Mary Beth and Hanj made our shirts
They had a head on them and it said,
"My faith is in the truth that God is healer, and I support medical research"

It was a great event.
I am glad Amy decided for us to do it and put our team together.
Thank you God that our hope is in you as the great healer!
WE trust you!

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Kelli said...

I love seeing how well your family loves one another and the example you guys are to others. Joining you in prayer for your sweet mom!