Saturday, July 13, 2013

4th of July

We had a fun 4th of july -
despite duncan getting strep the night before
and campbell getting over her GI bug (and probably giving it to everyone there)
We went to the lakehouse with my family.

I love this float -
its so nice for the kids to play on and for us to be able to sit and relax in.
(don't know if you can tell how shallow the water is - its like a beach)

 The kids went tubing
they LOVE it
and have so much fun doing it!
 my beautiful, sweet mama
 unlce hanj
 cutie pies!
thankful for our time with my family
can't believe its getting time for us to move
its hard to believe
i don't even know how to process it.
Lord help us all!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy 90th Sugarmonster

On July 3rd we celebrated my grandfather (sugarmoster)
turning 90 years old!
His actual birthday is August 26th 
but they wanted to have the party when we could all be there
before we move.
It was such a fun night (except that campbell got sick with the Gi bug on the way there)
We went to Babe's in Frisco -
what a great place to eat -
yummy, yummy food!
 cutie pie
 the head table
 sugarmonster proudly wearing his american flag

 we had a time of honoring him -
my dad shared some sweet words about grandpa and honoring 
the "greatest generation"
 my cousin stephanie and aunt cathy
 the sibs and sugarmonster!
what an incredible legacy we have with him in faith, family and values
(side note - he has had two marriages over 25 years -
first one to my grandmother until she died of lung cancer in '87 
and then he got married to bettye 6 months later and has been married to her ever since!)
thats pretty impressive!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jayden's 6th Birthday

On July 2nd my oldest turned SIX!!!
I can't believe it!
It seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home as a brand new mother.
He is such a wonderful oldest child and has really matured and grown up this year and taken so much more responsibility.
I am so thankful for him.
We started the morning the same way we did with Duncan -
with presents and donuts.

 it's hard to put 6 candles into a donut :)

 opening his presents
he LOVES legos :)
 look at that face -
so happy to see that there are donuts again :)
 The main thing jayden wanted to do for his birthday was
to go to a park, eat dinner and play baseball there with some friends.
So we made it happen and had our neighbors weston and tate come -
and it was just what he wanted!

Happy Birthday sweet Boy!
You are a joy and delight to parent!
I love watching you grow and mature into the man of God he created you to be!
You take so much care into what you do and love people so well!
Thank you for making me a mommy!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jayden's 6 year old Rite of Passage Ceremony

On June 29th we had a ceremony to celebrate Jayden's "rite of passage"
into his next season of life.
Jordan had wanted to do something like this at age 12 and had always planned on doing it
but this spring the more he studied about kids and development
and the challenges that they are facing earlier and earlier -
he decided to do a "rite of passage" one at age 6, then 12, then 18 -
Each time calling them out of where they had been - into maturity and the next season that God had called them to.
It was such a special night.
We invited friends and family to be apart of this special time.

Jayden with his grandparents 
(so thankful for their investment into his life)

Jordan had both grandfathers and all the uncles make videos
to show at the ceremony.
The men spoke blessing over jayden and called out certain things that they saw in his life - and then challenged him with different things.

Jordan also asked some people to become jayden's "godparents"
He asked his two childrens pastors (past/present) and two of his sunday school teachers.
He wants them to invest in jaydens life and pray for him as he grows and develops into the man of God  that he is created to be.
Carrie - one of his godparents - is a missionary -
so she sent a video in for him
It was the sweetest thing!
Jordan speaking identity, value, blessing to Jayden and calling him into 
walking as a man of God.

Uncle Geoffrey's video
After the videos and jordan speaking to jayden
we had the godparents come up and pray over him.
This is James and he had jayden do a push up while they were praying.
(loved this so much!)
Aunt B praying for J
The Carona's praying for J
Uncle Hanj did a spoken word that he had written instead of the video -
it was really cool.
After the prayers jordan had all of the children come up to the stage and jordan spoke a blessing over all of them.
Jayden with his godparents.
(caronas, d-brots, mulveys)
Jayden with this grandfathers and uncles.
(so thankful for the godly example he has with the men in his life - what a blessing!)
Afterwards we went to Cafe Express for dinner
we sat on the patio and it was such a nice night!