Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i am in love . . .

with this little girl.
she is such a precious little thing and gives our life so much joy.
i am loving the sweetness you can sense with a girl -
even at 5 months
love these pictures.
they were her 3 month ones in salado

we go for her 6 month ones on thursday -
where does time go?
happy tuesday.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cotton Bowl

On Friday we had the fun opportunity to go to the Cotton Bowl to see the Aggies play!
It was SO MUCH FUN!!
(even though the aggies didn't win)
I actually came away from the game realizing what great people aggies are.
i am still biased towards baylor but realize ATM would be a great option for our kids (and a lot more affordable!)
this was jayden's second aggie experience and he has loved them both.
his favorite part is the band.
he voluntarily put his thumb up for all the pictures :)
he has been thoroughly indoctrinated into the way of aggies

thank you chief & alice for such a fun experience!

Molly Elise Marable

My newest niece arrived yesterday!
Such a little munchkin!
I can't wait to get my hands on her.

Amy had Molly around 11 pm last night after 14+ hours of labor and 1 hour of pushing, the ended up doing a c-section.
Good thing ~ this little munchkin came out weighing 8 lbs 14 oz and had the cord wrapped around her neck twice!
All are well today and we are so glad she is here!

look at that head full of blond hair

i have some pics from the day of laboring, but only the above ones after she arrived.
i am going up there today so should have more to post later on tonite or tomorrow.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Years Day

New Year's morning I had all of our family over for brunch to kick off the new year.
It was so fun and I think I am going to try to make this a new tradition.
It was nice to have a later breakfast/brunch type meal for those who were up late the night before.
We all said one thing that we felt like the Lord was speaking to us for this next year or just a goal we wanted to accomplish.
I love goals. We grew up doing goals every new years day.
In fact this christmas my dad gave each of us a copy of all our goals from the time we started which was 1991. It was so fun to see how our goals changed and what was important to us each year.
(don't worry - my dad has on his copy if we met our goals or didn't for each year as well - we aren't anal at all are we?)

some of my first goals were:
"be kind to my siblings" - (who knew i was mean to them?)
"run the mile in a certain time"
"average x points per basketball game"
they then evolved to -
"learn to serve jordan"
"make lasting friendships in college"
"continue to seek the Lord in the morning"

my goals have changed now, but i really enjoy asking the Lord each year for what he has for me individually and us as a family and have something to work on for the year.

our church is reading through the Bible this year so that is one for me.
another one is to run a half marathon (i have a goal to run one in between each kid so i want to go ahead and get it done just to be prepared :))
i also am going to try to memorize the apostolic prayers
i have others for me and for the kids - but just thought i would share a few.

sorry for the tangent back to the new years day brunch!

jayden and emery kate

here is the spread of the food
a new favorite
time consuming but worth the work
pioneer woman cinnamon rolls.
you can find the recipe here
i realized after reading the blog post that when i made this batch i forgot to add the baking soda, salt, etc when you add the flour - no wonder they were so flat!
also i would recommend putting them in the fridge before you roll the dough out - i haven't done that yet but i think it would make rolling the dough out a lot easier
enjoy & happy 2011!
(my newest niece is coming tomorrow - i am SO EXCITED!!!)

All Aboard!

this is what it looks like outside when the kids aren't in school.

(and yes it is december and jayden is wearing shorts and a t-shirt - it wouldn't matter if it was cold or hot - he likes the shorts and t-shirt and especially this soccer jersey!)
i love how kids imagine and have fun playing together.
it is such a fun site to see.

Just a little glimpse . . .

into the amount of paperwork required to get 3 humans visas for traveling abroad
(and one of these humans isn't even walking or talking yet!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We had a wonderful Christmas this year with the Ogdens.
Things didn't go quite as planned in some ways - Jordan's dad got really sick with a 24 hour stomach bug from christmas eve until the afternoon of christmas day, and their
sink got stopped up on christmas eve night so we couldn't use it for the rest of the weekend.
But it still was wonderful being together.
I think that is the main thing about the holidays - you want to be with those you love.
And that was true for us.

The stockings were hung (and filled)
my mom had made each one of the kids these PRECIOUS stockings
she hand stitches each little piece onto them, it is a work of art - and something
we will treasure always!
the boys woke up to this fun pirate ship and car ramp
they love it

geoffrey working on the sink
opening our stockings
geoffrey got the boys a fun remote control car!
i think all ogden boys had fun with this gift!
we thought daddy kind of looks like an elf in this position
please notice the pants :)
my sweet little campbell isabella
we headed over to chase & staci's for lunch
we were going to have it at the ogden's but because of the pluming situation we thought it would be better to have it over at their house.
staci was gracious to host us all!
here she is with campbell
campbell under the tree
sweet duncan
the boy's had fun working on kendall and lily's lego's
alice got these adorable place mats at target and then had them monogrammed
with their names on it.
i think they are precious!

jayden & duncan both got guitars for christmas
(jayden picked out duncan's for his gift from him - i think that is SO Sweet!)
all the ogden girls

duncan having fun riding his new car from chief and alice