Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Walk to End Alzheimer's

A couple of weekends ago
we went to waco to do a 
Walk to End Alzheimer's
in support of my mom.
We had the two fold mission,
of supporting medical research to stop Alzheimer's
but more importantly to pray for breakthrough for my mom
and believe God for healing.
So we walked and prayed.
It was awesome and I am so glad we did it!
 There were flowers here to represent people who had alzheimer's
or people who cared for them.
 It was a beautiful day to walk so we were thankful.
 Post walk.
 Mary Beth and Hanj made our shirts
They had a head on them and it said,
"My faith is in the truth that God is healer, and I support medical research"

It was a great event.
I am glad Amy decided for us to do it and put our team together.
Thank you God that our hope is in you as the great healer!
WE trust you!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Duncan's Soccer :)

I think I have already done one post about Duncan's soccer season,
but I brought my camera to another game
and it happened to be the ONE game where Duncan put forth some effort.
Please remind me to not sign 3 year olds up for soccer again -
it is not the best use of time and resources :)
But they sure are cute in their uniforms
and have a fun little team -
so that makes up for the lack of effort - right?
A thumbs up to mama here
 Notice Casey is basically having to push Duncan to kick the ball :)
 You see the ball
and Duncan
I think they should be going in the same direction -
but not here
 Felix doing his spider man pose
the cutest :)
 Now Luke is able to engage in the game and does really well
 And then with a little bribery -
we were able to get Duncan to kick the ball
 and even run -
and he happened to score TWO goals with this effort.
(amazing what a little effort will do for you!)
 the fans

its always a good reminder on things like this 
that they are just kids (little ones at that)
and what they do on the soccer field does not matter.
it is also a good opportunity to teach them
to persevere and try even when they don't want to.
we are working on diligence versus laziness and this is a good opportunity to put it into practice!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Wedding

 Geoffrey & LeeAnn had the sweetest wedding.
Jordan was one of the three officiants and did an incredible job.
He does such a good job with weddings (i am not biased at all ;))
The reception was decorated beautifully with yellow and grey colors.

 Here is the beautiful bride putting her dress on.
 Funny story about these pictures.
I was really wanting to get a family picture of us so that we could use it for our christmas card.
I had us get together and take one right after the ceremony before we got messy from eating.
I had amy take it and was happy with some of the results.
 Do you notice anything missing in these pictures?
I didn't realize it until 10 minutes later -
our FAMILY picture was missing BARRON!!!!
i felt like the worst mom ever.
i guess this picture won't be on our christmas card :)
 as you can tell by this picture
jayden was throwing an absolute fit.
i think the kids were super tired from the past two weeks of activities and it was catching up with them :)

 first dance
 mother son dance
 a family pic (with everyone)

 duncan LOVES to dance
 love how geoffrey is looking at leeann in this picture
 these two were adorable during the reception
apparently they were pretending they were jordan and christy
and had 3 boys and 1 girl

 sudan women

saying goodbye to the wonderful couple
it was a wonderful wedding in every possible way.
so happy that they are married and that i get precious leeann as my new sister in law.
i couldn't be more thankful for all the wonderful in laws that i have on both sides.
God is good.

and now we try to recover from the crazy september that was our life.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bridesmaid Brunch

 On Sunday morning we had the most precious bridesmaid brunch at the Farrel's home.
It was so sweet and fun because we all got to sit together and just enjoy a wonderful meal.
LeeAnn was so calm the entire day - she was a wonderful bride.

 i put barron in one of geoffrey and jordan's old outfits for the occasion
he looked so sweet in it
 mother of the groom

 all the mrs.ogden's :)

such a sweet time together
thankful for the start of a fun day!