Wednesday, July 11, 2012

swimming fun in waco

one of the best things about being in waco 
(besides being with family - of course!)
is getting to spend time with joy and her girls!
 we would come over after the last class of swimming
and have fun swimming with the kids
 they even pretend to have "class"
and teach one another how to swim :)
 i love that they enjoy playing together
and hope their friendship continues to grow throughout
their life!
 sweet kids!
 love them all!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Duncan's Birthday Party

like i said earlier
we were in waco for duncan's birthday
so we decided to have his birthday party
in Waco with some of our friends who were in waco as well
we had it at ridgewood
and it was so nice
we just showed up and they provided everything!

i have lots of pics from the party -
so be prepared!

joy (the swimming teacher) & amy
kyndall & barron
miss c

kelly& amy
(so fun that the harps live in waco now -
we can see them when we go down there to visit family!)
a lot closer than houston!!!
hudson & clint

duncan LOVED jumping off the diving board
(by the end of the two weeks he was jumping off of miss joy's diving board with no floaties!)
ek jumping of the diving board

the food
the gifts
the party favors
the birthday boy
friends eating and food and cake

duncan requested a finding nemo cake for his party

the crew
(that latest to the end)s

such a fun birthday party
i am so glad i did it in waco and
we were able to celebrate with sweet friends who were there
and who would have not normally been able to come to a bday party for duncan!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Duncan's 3rd Birthday

I am super behind on blog posts.
we were out of town for swim lessons for two weeks
duncan's birthday was the first day we got to waco
so we celebrated - waco style!

duncan woke up to donuts and his presents
at chief and alice's house

 it was a fun treat for him to be in waco to celebrate!
he blew out his candles
 and then opened his presents
 almost all of his gifts included some type of sports gear
 i noticed while uploading the pictures that
i have very few of sweet barron
poor fourth child -
i am going to do better with this!
i have a ton of iPhone and instagram pics
but with the real camera - not so much!
 while we were in waco 
jayden was able to go to tennis camp -
for two weeks!
he LOVED it!
i was so proud of him,
because the youngest age was 6 (and he wasn't even 5 yet)
but they allowed him to go and said he did awesome!
here he is ready to go on the first day!