Thursday, May 29, 2008

hiking in dallas?

this past wednesday we went on our second annual sudan family dallas hike.  last year the hike consisted of my dad, sister and i (and little jayden along for the ride:)) going to lakegrapevine and hiking the trails there.  we had such a good time we decided to make it a tradition (my family really likes traditions - just fyi).  so this year we decided to indoctrinate jayden into the sudan world of hiking.  
growing up all of our vacations were spent going to national parks and going on all day hikes - this meant waking up at 5 and getting on the mountain by sunrise.  it was always such a wonderful time to be together and bask in the glory of God's creation.  usually my mom would stay back with the siblings who were too young to go.  my dad always led the way.  our first hike was in Big Ben National Park when i was about 10 or 11.  the funny thing about our hikes is that it always seemed to be an adventure and we would have near death experiences most of the time.  but it was amazing how we learned to trust God in whatever the circumstance and He would always show himself to be faithful.  if you ever want an exhilarating experience then go for a hike in a national park.  you will be able to see the awesomeness of God's creation and it is such a good bonding experience with whoever you are with.  plus - hikers seem to be the nicest people.  all games or off - you are all "equal" in the world of hiking - everyone is there to do the same thing and it is great.
so for our second annual sudan dallas hike we decided to go to cedarridge preserve.  it is a really beautiful unique place in cedar ridge.  there were some area's of the hike that were very lush with cedar trees and small streams and other areas that had quite the prairie feel to them. this hike was a little more difficult in our eyes because we brought the jogging stroller with us.  there was some elevation and a lot of big roots in the ground that made pushing the stroller a bit difficult.  (thankfully my dad took that job most of the time!)  the hike consisted of me, my parents, my sisters amy & marybeth, & of course little jayden.  we had a wonderful time of being together and enjoying a random day in the middle of the week to experience and take part in God's beautiful creation.  (even in dallas texas!)
here are some pics from the trip! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

thoughts & the arboretum

let me just say . . .  i love not working - i have had a nice 13 day break from work and it has been fabulous.  just a couple more months of working 2 days a week and then i will be down to once every 2 weeks - which will be so great.  i love my work, who i work with, what i do, the hospital, the patients, the doctors, being apart of a topnotch hospital that is on the brink of exciting new things in the world of pediatrics BUT i love being home with jayden even more.  not that all days are easy but i know that this is my calling - to be a mother and i am so thankful to have the opportunity to do just that - mother.
anyway - today amy (my sister), jayden, magen, sara & i went to the dallas arboretum for a picnic lunch.  it was so much fun and of course i have some cute pictures to share!

Monday, May 19, 2008

question & things

                                             Jayden walking outside with dad
                                      Going down the slide at the neighborhood park
                                              First Baylor Baseball Game
                    Meeting Sparrow Bethany Daniel for the first time (isn't she so cute!)

Snack time in the church nursery on Sunday.  I thought it was so cute with all the little ones sitting like big kids around the table clockwise (jayden, davy, alayna, nate, joshua)

hello all!  i am about to switch jayden over to the next stage carseat and i was wanting some recommendations.  (some of you have already emailed me and for that - i thank you!)  let me know if you have any advice!  thank you so much!
i am posting some pictures of what we have been up to lately.  the park, baylor baseball game with grandparents (first of many i am sure - my dad is a big baylor baseball fan - has season tickets every year), meeting sparrow, church, and playing outside.  jayden is so close to walking - it is so funny because he will pull himself up and then search for my hands to assist him while walking.  he is so sweet - of course he has a couple of teeth breaking through so that is making for some difficult days - but still a sweet, active little boy that i am so thankful for!  have a good monday!

Monday, May 12, 2008

ridiculous + happy mother's day

yes - we are wearing matching shirts - and i don't have anyone to blame except myself. it started innocently, it was cool outside yesterday so i thought i would put on my seaside shirt in the afternoon & then i found myself doing the same for jayden. we went to jordan's softball game that night and that is when i finally realized that yes - i am indeed a "dorky" mom.  oh well - i still think the shirt's are cute! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

seaside pictures

here are some more pictures from our trip. enjoy! happy tuesday! (click on the title if you want to learn more about seaside)

Monday, May 5, 2008

first's @ seaside

we just got back from beautiful seaside, florida. it was an amazing time of relaxation, beautiful beaches, five star food, fun time with family, and first's for jayden. if you ever get the chance to go to seaside - i would highly recommend it - it is a quaint little town where everyone walks or rides bikes - an adorable town square and no commercialization. while we were there jayden had some of his first - i have pictures to document these - 1. his first word - ball 2. his first clapping of hands 3. his first experience with sand. 4. his first ocean view 5. his first bide ride (he didn't like the helmet and kept trying to take it off & i think purposely would drop his pacifier on the ground while we were ridding to we would have to stop and pick it up) - and many more i am sure but these are the few that come to mind. enjoy - i will post more of the trip soon!