Monday, June 30, 2008

more pics from waco weekend

waco weekend

we went to waco this past weekend and had a wonderful time (wow lots of "w's").  jordan's cousin and family were in town and we enjoyed spending time with them at the ridgewood pool.  we also went to zoobilee and kid's zoobilee.  it was so much fun.  jayden got this precious shirt for his birthday saturday morning and it was the perfect item to wear to a zoo party.  (check out alacritydesigns in the etsy shop for more great creations)  jayden had his first popsicle and i did not realize the mess it would create with the new shirt.  as you can see in the pictures it made a nice tie die look on the front of it.  fortunately - alice came to the rescue and was able to get all of the color out so we will be able to enjoy the adorable shirt again!  hope you are having a happy monday!

Monday, June 23, 2008

birthday boy - almost

we had jayden's first first birthday on saturday (does that make sense?)  jordan, my parents, and my youngest sister are going to be gone on jayden's birthday so we had a party before his actual birthday to celebrate!  it was so much fun and my mom and sister did such a good job of decorating the house and making a big celebration about it.  alice got the yummiest, most adorable cake as well.  it had a little "smashing" cake on the top of it just for little jayden!
here are some pics - thank you all for making it special and loving jayden with us!  
ps - jayden is officially walking now.  independent and somewhat confident.   as long we don't make him perform - he does great - it is a whole new world we are entering into!

houston & the harps

sorry - it has been long and i have a couple of posts to make.  life has been a bit crazy and i apologize!
thank you to all who prayed for jordan's dad.  his surgery went great and he is recovering well.  it was a serendipity when we were in houston because we were able to see our dear friend the harps.  it was so much fun and great to be able to catch up as if we saw them every day and hadn't skipped a beat!
here are some pics from that day . . . 

Sunday, June 8, 2008

happy anniversary & please pray

Today marks 6 years of wedded bliss for Jordan and I.  I am so thankful to be married to such a wonderful man who I not only love to share life's ups and downs, joys and trials, but also just love being with.  God knew that he was the perfect match for me.  It is so great to be able to share life with someone that you love and is your best friend.  
We got to celebrate our anniversary last night by going to this fun, new restaraunt in Victory Park called Nueve.   It was not our usual style of dinning but it was fun to do something special to celebrate the anniversary.  
We look forward to many more years of growing, maturing, and going through each new adventure the Lord has for us.  I am confident when I have Jordan by my side that whatever the adventure is - we will be okay.
Also - please pray - we leave tomorrow night after work to go to Houston for Jordan's dad's surgery.  He has prostate cancer and is having surgery at Memorial Herman in Houston.  We would love your petitions on behalf of our heavenly Father for this surgery and his complete healing.
Have a good week.