Monday, June 23, 2008

birthday boy - almost

we had jayden's first first birthday on saturday (does that make sense?)  jordan, my parents, and my youngest sister are going to be gone on jayden's birthday so we had a party before his actual birthday to celebrate!  it was so much fun and my mom and sister did such a good job of decorating the house and making a big celebration about it.  alice got the yummiest, most adorable cake as well.  it had a little "smashing" cake on the top of it just for little jayden!
here are some pics - thank you all for making it special and loving jayden with us!  
ps - jayden is officially walking now.  independent and somewhat confident.   as long we don't make him perform - he does great - it is a whole new world we are entering into!


Lorin said...

Jayden is getting so big! That cake is adorable too. I'm impressed he didn't get his hands into it while you were taking pictures. :)

kelly said...

awwwww! so darling! it's great to spread birthday celebrations out!!!

Nat Pat said...

happy b-day little jayden!