Tuesday, February 24, 2009

V-Day Gifts

This post is a little late, but i wanted to wait until the gifts got into the hands of the recipients. I copied my friend kelly in this precious gift idea.
They are not as cute as hers - but they turned out pretty good. My friend magen gave me the idea to use jayden's feet to make it into the shape of a heart for a valentine's look.  So that was a fun addition.
Jayden had a great time putting his feet in the paint and was very proud of his work.
I also am adding some v-day pics from our mom's group at dana's. The boys decorated cupcakes and painted with their feet(again). Dana is so good at thinking of fun and inventive ideas for us to do with the kids. (i want her to start a blog and post some of these ideas). We had a great time!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Table for 14 Please . . .

It might not seem that bad, until you hear that it is for 6 adults and 8 children. Yes - that was our fun adventure on Thursday. Thankfully it was a beautiful day and they sat us outside (imagine that :)) at good ol' Chuy's (my favorite). Our dear, sweet friend Shalene was in town with her two adorable kids (Alayna and Silas) so we all got together and had a great time visiting together and catching up.
I tried to get pics of each mom and child. (i didn't get you tiffany - sorry ;))
Hope you all had a good V-day and weekend.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What I've been doing . . .

Yes - jordan had knee surgery (it was actually almost 2 weeks ago on thursday). He had 2 pieces of his femur floating around his knee cap and had to have them removed and then they did what is called a "micro-abrasion) which meant that they put holes in his knee or femur (i am not actually sure) to allow more blood flow. So now he has a couple of divets in his femur where these chips were and is taking medicine to hopefully rebuild the bones.
You might wonder - how in the world did that happen? Good question. We are not actually sure. It happened during our churches annual "turkey bowl" which is a flag football game before thanksgiving. We did not get hit but the doctor said that he must have turned or twisted his knee in just the right way to allow pieces of his femur to be taken off. Before he had surgery it has been extremely painful - as you can imagine if you had a piece of bone chip floating around your knee would be. It has also been so hard for jordan because he was not able to exercise until he had surgery. He really had a hard time walking too - he walked with a limp - which funny thing about that is that jayden started walking with a little limp as well. Funny how much they watch us :)
Anyway - since the surgery Jordan has been doing great! I was really worried that it was going to be a hard road ahead of us. Jordan doesn't do the best with pain (and the doctor said it would be VERY PAINFUL recovery), Jayden is a busy boy, and being pregnant with not as much energy BUT thankful it was not that bad at all. Jordan did not have much pain at all - which I think was God's grace on us! So he is back at school today and able to ride the bike 20-30 minutes for rehab.
Just wanted to let you know what we've been doing. Also - chasing around little cutie! He is so busy - he loved jordan being home for the week and a half, but didn't quite realize that he couldn't do everything he was use to daddy doing with him.
Hope you are well!