Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pool Party Fun

Jayden and his friend Sara had their first pool party on Monday. We had so much fun in the little blue pool! Sara and Jayden splashed around and played with the toys and Magen and I were able to sit around and enjoy some true Alabama sweet tea! Thanks for letting us come over and play! Doesn't Jayden look cute with his big belly and little chicken legs:) Thank you Grandmommy and Chief for the adorable bathing suit - we love it and will enjoy wearing it on our trip to Seaside Florida next week!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ranger Game

monday night jayden and i headed out to arlington for a ranger's game. our good friend robin was honored as "teacher of the year" for her school in garland isd. we were so proud of her and glad to be able to support her in her big accomplishment! we were sad that jordan couldn't make it because he was at home leading a group at our house. we had fun with friends and jayden got his first experience with garlic fries (it was actually my first experience too!) we had a great time even though we were not able to root the ranger's on to victory!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Joshua's Birthday @ the Arboretum

Joshua Steven's turned one last week and had a party at the arboretum to celebrate. It was a beautiful day today and we were able to enjoy the last day of Dallas Blooms! It was so much fun. Jayden loved being outside, especially because he has a new baseball hat that helps keep the sun out of his eyes:) (isn't it so cute - my mom and i found it this week and decided that he HAD to have it considering his dad, all uncles and both grandfathers are all baseball players - or they were baseball players and now are softball players.) We had a great time and Happy Birthday Joshua! We remember when you were just a prayer in your parents hearts - and now you are one! Wow - time goes by so fast. Hope you have a good monday!