Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meeting Martha

Yes - it is true! Martha Stewart was in Dallas and I got to meet her face to face. (briefly for a quick signature - but still!) Yesterday she came to Sur La Table for a book signing of her new book "Cooking School." My friend Dana and I stood in line for two hours with our kids (her two, my one) and with a new friend that we met in line with her little 18 month old girl. It was a testing for the kids but such a fun adventure. We got there early so that we would be up front in the line - but little did we know that we would be moved to the front (all the kids with strollers and elderly people were moved) so we got to be one of the firsts in line! It was a fun experience and I am glad that we did it.
I am a big Martha fan - I liked her even when everyone else didn't when she went to jail. She has so many great, inspiring ideas and I get her magazine every month. (i chose her magazine over real simple when jordan made me switch to only one magazine a month - he doesn't like all of the "stuff" coming into our house). I also get the magazine "Everyday Food" which I love because it has great recipe ideas for foods that are "in season" and they are easy recipe's - unlike the ones in her magazine.
Anyway - thought I would share the excitement with you all! Also - they took pictures of Jayden and the kids that were there and she said that she was going to post them on her blog: - which will be really cool if he ends up being on there!
Hope you all are doing well!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Baylor Homecoming & My little Mouse

We went to Waco on Saturday for Baylor Homecoming. It was so much fun! My whole family was there as well as the Forrester's who are our dear family friends who would come to Homecoming every year with us. They have 3 kids and they are all of our ages. Such sweet memories we have together. It is so great that we are now grown up and still able to enjoy one another. Hope you had a good weekend!