Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Bye MB!

My sister Mary Beth left on Monday to study abroad in Florence, Italy. We were able to spend the weekend together in Waco at World Mandate and had a wonderful time. We will miss her but know her and Meg will have a wonderful time taking in all the fun adventures Italy has to offer. You should check out their blog at: to see more about their fun adventures. She will be studying italian and sculpture while she is there.
We will miss you MB and we hope that you have a wonderful time!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gardening Helper

i have been inspired these past two days to make my dead front yard look a little better. my neighbor across the street always has the best landscaping and she just recently planted some pansies. so - i got inspired and with the beautiful weather we have had the past two days it was a perfect combination.
i had a little helper - he had to learn not to step on the flowers, and as you can see from the pictures he is still not sure the correct way of using a watering can. it was fun and i think it turned out pretty good!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Smoothie Fun

lately i have been making jayden and i smoothie's for breakfast. i think it is a great way to start the day and pretty healthy too! i give jayden the smoothie in a "big boy cup" without a lid to make it a special treat. well - he always finds a way to have more fun with the treat then i had intended. oh well - we can always clean up:)
my smoothie recipe:
1 cup frozen fruit (i like blueberries)
3/4 cup fat free vanilla yogurt
1 banana
4 -5 ice cubes
put it all in the blender and mix it together
(it is a little thick - so kids could eat it with a spoon or you could add some milk or something to make it thinner)

Enjoy! Have a good weekend!

Monday, January 12, 2009

What we have been up to lately . . .

sorry it has been so long since we have posted. i crashed our iphoto with too many pictures so jordan got me an external hard drive for christmas that is just for photos and extracted all of my photos onto that and now i have the tedious task of going through each picture and organizing them. it is a long process but i am glad to do it and from now on will try to have my photo's organized and copied to cd's every month to save time and energy!
we had a great christmas in waco and enjoyed the time jordan had off from work. i am going to work on being better with posting (because i love it when all of you post - so i feel like i am being greedy (taking from others without giving my share:))
happy new year to everyone!