Monday, October 31, 2011

family fun night: october

for our family fun night in october
we decided to stay in
(because we have been super busy this month and that sounded better than getting out!)

and we carved pumpkins with the kids
it was a fun activity
campbell and jayden really enjoyed it
duncan was off doing his own thing
we took the seeds and washed them and then roasted them
they were SO GOOD
we had the kids draw the pictures on the pumpkins
and then jordan and i carved the pumpkins

it was a fun family night!
glad to make memories with our kiddos ;)

caught :)

this little thing things she is just as big as her brothers
i found her on the stool the other night
reaching for some left over chocolate chips
little stinker - she got mad when i moved them away :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

jasper inigo

last tuesday (early am)
our dear friends casey & erin welcomed their
second little boy into this world!
jasper inigo
precious little thing!
we brought the whole clan up to the hospital

beautiful mom and sweet boy

we love you guys and are so excited he is finally here!
can't wait to watch him grow and see how
he walks into the things that God has for him!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

quiroz visit

this past weekend the quiroz's came to town
they had promised sara they would take her to the state fair,
so it was a good excuse for them to come back after moving to sa :(

anyway - i didn't get any pictures of the weekend
except sunday night
when we had pizza at our house
and then cookies that jayden had picked out from target
i usually make our desserts form scratch,
but when jayden saw these at target - he
HAD to have them
so i thought it would be fun to cook them while sara was here
they were a huge hit
(although you can't tell from jayden's face:))
we loved our time together with the quiroz fam
and hope it isn't too long, until we see them again!

Sudan Fall Party

last weekend
jason & alex had a fun fall party at their new house
it was a great time
eating fun fall treats (and watching the rangers - even though it was a horrible game)

sweet hallie
the hostess
mary beth and alex (or hanj as she refers to him)
aren't they cute together :)
skylar & staci
who we love
and it is so fun because they bought a house right by jason & alex
so they are friends and neighbors - so fun!
amy & her girls
love ek's face here
(we didn't bring our kids)
sweet ek
sweet dad
ek & blake
with the amazing dora pumpkin that they made
thanks jason and alex for a fun party and a great time being with people!
love you guys!

Friday, October 28, 2011

does she look like a boy in this outfit?

we were at starbucks the other day
and several people called campbell a "HE"
(granted she didn't have the brown sweater on, but she did have the headband on)
how could you think this sweet face was a boy's :)
just wanted to know what yall thought :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


as most of you know,
the Rangers are in the world series!
we have had so much fun
watching the games and rooting them on to victory!

we all got ranger shirts this weekend
to show our ranger love :)
love how the boys are wearing different team's hats
(good thing the detroit series is over)
we didn't get ranger hats

we didn't actually get campbell a shirt
but put one on her saturday to see how it looked :)
she's a pretty cute fan :-)

go Rangers!
we hope you win tonight!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the zoo

i am SO behind on blogging
i have been super tired these days,
so blogging is the thing that is first to go

but i have high hopes of getting caught up -
so here we go . . .

the zoo
last monday
my mom was in town,
so amy and i decided to venture to the zoo for the morning with mimi
it really was fun
and the kids loved it

i love how these three just can't get enough of one another

i love how in the giants of the savannah exhibit
they have all different animals roaming around together
it really does make you feel like you are in africa
(kind of i guess :))
we ended with a carousel ride
and then a trip to cafe express for lunch
our favorite ;)

what a fun way to spend a monday morning!