Friday, October 28, 2011

does she look like a boy in this outfit?

we were at starbucks the other day
and several people called campbell a "HE"
(granted she didn't have the brown sweater on, but she did have the headband on)
how could you think this sweet face was a boy's :)
just wanted to know what yall thought :)


The Sudan Fam said...

people are dumb....they don't pay attention to obvious cues, like a head band or a pink blanket or a pink paci. campbell looks adorbs!

Marci said...

Not. One. Bit.

All girl.

People are totally dense! Happens to Georgia and I daily, even when wearing pink.

Amy Marable said...

i think it's with the hair b/c it happened to EK all the time but she was bald like campbell...i don't know if it has ever happened with Molly!
as we know with my pregnancies...people have no boundaries and will say anything (especially strangers!)