Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oscar "Nacho" Libre's 2nd Birthday

we celebrated sweet oscar's 2nd birthday on saturday
with an awesome "nacho libre" themed party
it was so cute,
all of the food was from the party
and they had a "wrestling ring" for the kids to play in
which was a big hit
i didn't get any pictures of the decor
and only a few of my kids
i was too busy
talking, eating, and keeping up with the kids
so this is what i have:
typical picture of campbell with food running down her dress
and this girl loves to eat - she loved the popsicles
and had three i think :)
sweet brothers
love that ;)
here is campbell with another food item in her mouth :)

i'm all done mom - can i have another?

we love you oscar and are thankful for your sweet, sensitive
fun personality!
so glad to know you and watch you grow!
(sad i didn't get any pics of the birthday boy at his party)

1 comment:

The Lacys said...

feel like you could fill an entire photo album with pics of duncan and campbell eating something. my kind of kids!