Sunday, October 16, 2011


we had a great saturday!
as jordan put it -
it was relaxed, yet had purposeful things mixed in it -
so it made for our kind of day :)

we started the day with a run to church
(with a stop at einstein's for bagels)
the run was about 4 1/2 miles - but you go east on mockingbird -
up a big hill -
so it was quite the workout
pushing our kiddos in the strollers
we went up to church for our first elevate outreach
of the semester!
it was great and i loved having our kids as part of it.
we went out in the neighborhood around our building telling people
about our church and praying for those who wanted it
i love having our kids being apart of sharing with others
and i am excited that this will be apart of their lives forever -
as long as we are doing it :)

after the outreach
we went to the marables for the
Baylor/ATM game
sadly bu didn't win
campbell was the only one i could get dressed in baylor gear
the boys insisted on their ATM gear
they have been fully indoctrinated (tear)

the following picture
my sisters thought was appropriate
b/c campbell and i were eating chips and queso together
she loves it as much as i do :)
glad to have a girl to share things like this with
(i see many girl dates for shopping and chips and queso in our future :))

i attempted a picture of the kids in their gear
but as you can see
this is what i got.
it's torture mom, really it's torture
little miss was okay taking a pic with aunt b
after the game
we went home for naps
and then did some organizing
and then my parents stopped by because they were in town seeing my grandparents
it was fun to see them and hang out for awhile
we then prayed with our friends karis and kenten
with my parents (b/c my sister was diagnosed in-utero with hydrocephalus and was healed and so we thought it would be powerful for them to pray with them about something that they had already gone through)
it was a sweet time of prayer

we then wen't back over to the marables
to watch the rangers
and eat burgers
go rangers!
excited about the world series!

what a sweet wonderful saturday!
so thankful for family and community to walk through life with,
whether it is enjoying a game, sharing the love of Jesus with others,
or praying for one another at their time of desperation -
community is the way to go.
thank you Lord for your body and the way that you use it!
i am so glad to be apart of it!

happy monday!


kelly said...

sounds so fun, christy :) i love that you guys have so much family & friends close!! & YUM to the queso!!! i hope holland & i get to have some fun girl time with you & miss campby some day :)

Tiffany Dawn said...

Wow thats a pretty packed Saturday! :)
Love the pics!