Friday, November 30, 2012

Blake & Amy's 30th & Gender Reveal

Blake & Amy's birthday is a week apart
and this year they turned the big 3-0!
They happened to have their big ultrasound the thursday before blake's birthday -
so they decided to throw the most fun 30th birthday party
combined with a gender reveal!
It was SO.MUCH.FUN!!!
Mary Beth decided to go to town with decorations
and came up with a cute bow or stache theme
everyone picked a sticker when they came in and wore what they thought.
i put on a stache
 (b/c that is what i was hoping for - but thought it would probably be another girl)
 there was quite the crew at the party and everyone had a great time!
 funny thing about this picture is i can't tell if that is molly or campbell that my dad is holding :)
 the forresters even came in town!

 when it was time to cut the cake
the anticipation was high
 i was at the perfect angle to get a look when blake cut through the cake

 it was BLUE
 we were all shocked and so excited
(disclaimer: of course we would have been just as excited for another girl - please know that!!)
 can't wait for amy to have a little boy running around their house
(i bet i can give her some tips :-))

 jayden was exhausted by the end of the night and fell asleep in the middle of the party :)
 what a fun way to celebrate your 30th and the newest addition to their family!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

pumpkins (better late than never)

I always love going to the arboretum in the fall to let the kids play in the pumpkins
and get some pumpkin pictures with the kids.
But this year - with the way our schedule works out
there aren't very many days that we can all head out to the arboretum.
I thought all of the pumpkins would be gone after halloween -
but to my wonderful surprise -
they weren't!
and it wasn't as busy either -
so on a thursday a couple of weeks ago
dana and i headed out to the arboretum
in hopes to get some good pumpkin pics -
and maybe get little miss mabel to come out (she didn't)
it was a beautiful day and the most relaxing afternoon!

my hopes of getting a good picture of just my kids was not fulfilled
but life isn't about perfect pictures anyway is it?
i put all these pics because i love how it
captures each one of their personalities!

 duncan and felice

 danny and campbell
look like twins
i can't tell you how many people asked us if they were twins

 the reality of trying to get pumpkin pictures :)

 this cutie pie
was happy laying in the sun

it was a wonderful day
the kids played, dana and i got to talk and memories were made

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jayden's last soccer game & party

jayden had a great end to his soccer season
like i said before,
this year was my favorite by far!
he is really getting the concept of soccer and is engaged in the games!

 these two cuties
are best of buds
 love watching them play together

 pics of jayden's team after their last game
 silly boys

 the coaches reserved a room at the Y and brought pizza and cupcakes
to celebrate the last game
it was a great end of the year party
 when they handed out the trophy's the coach would say something special about each player
i loved watching jayden's sweet face when they were talking about him :)
great end to a great season!
we were thankful to be apart!