Monday, November 26, 2012

Peter Pan & Crew

I am catching up on posts (again!)
So we don't really endorse "halloween" but we still let the
kids dress up in costumes and do something with friends -
just not "glorifying halloween or what it is about"

Duncan, our little make believe, always in character guy -
has been pretending to be Peter Pan for awhile
we realized a couple of weeks before halloween
that Alice had saved Jordan's peter pan costume from when he was little
Granny (jordan's grandmother) made it for him when he was probably 1 or 2 
(so the costume was a little small for duncan but we made it work)
I decided to go with the theme and Alice found Campbell a Tinkerbell costume
and Jayden was a pirate aka Capt. Hook
 Here is the cute crew
 For the past couple of years
we have gone over to the Diehl's neighborhood
to join with them in a "candy parade"
I like it because it is light outside and with a lot of our friends from church
and not quite as "halloweenish"
Here is Blake & Molly
 cutie pie tinkerbell
 the cutest bunny around
hallie jane

 i mean, this robot is the most adorable thing :)

 a cute little cat
 i put barron in a duck costume 
it was what jayden wore when he was his age 
 the cutest little olivia the pig
 jasper adorable
 oscar dog

 a family shot

we had a great time!
love my sweet kiddos and their fun personalities ;)

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