Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Every year we try to make it down to Waco for Baylor Homecoming.
It is such a fun tradition and I love all that it involves.
Our dear friends the Forrester's come every year
and it is so fun to see how our family's are multiplying and growing :)
We always have dinner at my parents house on friday night
(none of us went to the bonfire this year -
no one was quite up for it with the littles)
We then headed to the parade on Saturday morning.
 me and sweet B

 Alex's parents came too!

 Andrew & Megan
 Chi-O representing :)
 first time as a married couple :)
 our fam
 the marable fam

 love the following pics of duncan and B

 hudson (blake's nephew) & jayden
 jake & emily with their new baby hunter kate!!!

 the forrester sibs
 the sudan sibs
 love this little cutie

 sweet amy and i
 homecoming also happened to be on amy's 30th birthday
so after the game (which had a rain delay and we left early)
we went to blake's family's river house for dinner and hanging out
it is beautiful there and a great way to end a fun day!

 all the girls (minus alex)
 mom & ellen
sweet friends for life


ellen said...

One of our family's most treasured memories and traditions! I love all of the pictures!

The Lacys said...

One of my favorite Times of the year. Love you!