Thursday, November 29, 2012

pumpkins (better late than never)

I always love going to the arboretum in the fall to let the kids play in the pumpkins
and get some pumpkin pictures with the kids.
But this year - with the way our schedule works out
there aren't very many days that we can all head out to the arboretum.
I thought all of the pumpkins would be gone after halloween -
but to my wonderful surprise -
they weren't!
and it wasn't as busy either -
so on a thursday a couple of weeks ago
dana and i headed out to the arboretum
in hopes to get some good pumpkin pics -
and maybe get little miss mabel to come out (she didn't)
it was a beautiful day and the most relaxing afternoon!

my hopes of getting a good picture of just my kids was not fulfilled
but life isn't about perfect pictures anyway is it?
i put all these pics because i love how it
captures each one of their personalities!

 duncan and felice

 danny and campbell
look like twins
i can't tell you how many people asked us if they were twins

 the reality of trying to get pumpkin pictures :)

 this cutie pie
was happy laying in the sun

it was a wonderful day
the kids played, dana and i got to talk and memories were made

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