Tuesday, May 31, 2011

christina's 30th

we celebrated christina's 30th birthday last weekend
it was fun to have some "grown-up time" with our friends!

here is the birthday girl with zach
dana & joey
(so fun living life with him & christina now - we have been friends with zach since middle school - it is such a treat!)
jordan & i
caroline & jon
christina, savannah, & jarod
drew & angie
the fyke's
(christina's parents)
mark, mike, & amy

we love you christina!
welcome to the 30's club :)

Monday, May 30, 2011


this weekend we had a fun treat of getting to see the Phillips again!
we LOVED having them spend the night with us,
and I love that our kids are growing up knowing each other!

i finally got a picture of joy and i :)
here are the oldest 4 eating their popsicles on saturday night
ellie & jayden are so cute together
sweet gracie

on sunday morning the kids had donuts -
they were excited :)

after church we went to Fuzzy's
thankfully it wasn't as chaotic as it could have been.
joy was in agreement with me, that their queso is really, really good ;)

look at sweet emily's eyes - so pretty

here is our attempt at a picture with everyone:

duncan & gracie saying good-bye - so cute!
we love you Phillips and are glad we will see you again next week at swim lessons!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Picnic Lunches

jayden is always wanting to go to the park for a picnic
he would want to do it everyday if he could.
i am trying to work on saying "yes" more to my kids -
there are so many things we have to say "no" to in the training process -
so this was one of my "yes" responses

it was a sweet time at the park - just the four of us
i envision a lot of summer lunches spent this way
(until it gets WAY too hot!)

look at campbell & duncan in the following pics -
don't you think they look ALOT alike here?
jayden brought a bat, and his cleats of course :)
i love the sweet expression on campbell's face looking at her big brother

how cute are the rolls on these legs?
i just love a baby girl in a bubble :)

happy saturday

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


we have been having some heavy showers around here the last couple of weeks.
i thought i needed to capture the boys in their rain gear
i mean - seriously - they are so cute :)

little miss doesn't have a rain jacket or boots yet - but she is still just as cute :)

just wanted to end with a little fruit from all the rain -
my flowers love it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


she was one of my closest friends growing up.

she is the most laid back, fun loving, easy going person -
your blood pressure lowers just being around her.
she's that calm.

she came to church last sunday and it was SO fun seeing her there
here she is with amy & molly

this is campbell & her little girl lainey (isn't she adorable?)
we didn't get a picture of her older son Matthew
he is a little older than Jayden
such a sweet family and we were so thankful to spend some time with them last Sunday