Friday, May 13, 2011

Tempe, Arizona

On Sunday night Campbell and I headed out to Arizona to visit my dear friend Joy and her family.
They are planting a church there and just moved from Boston.
I am so excited for them and to see the way that God moves in their midst in that city.
Tempe - you better be ready because you are about to be lit on fire!

Campbell on Sunday night.
She wasn't too thrilled about being in her car seat right here.
note tears.
this was her 6th trip in her 9 1/2 months of life
she is a well traveled little one.
i have NO idea how many plane flights she has already been on.
one well traveled little girl
she was happy once we got there and loved being around all of the
the phillips have three precious little girls

here is ellie (the oldest)
and gracie (the middle one)
sadly i didn't get a picture of sweet emily (the youngest)
but she was precious just like they all are

i thought this pic captured campbell pretty well right now
here we are on our flight back home
notice happy faces
and then. . .
here we are waiting in el paso for 6+ hours due to weather delays
campbell was great - but by the end she had had enough
it was a wonderful, quick trip and i am really thankful i got to go
(and really thankful for my friend caroline who blessed me with a free ticket - thanks caroline!)

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