Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Contest

on sunday we had our annual christmas cookie decorating contest.
it is one of my favorite traditions that we do each year.
we can get kind of competitive - (this comes from the sudan side)
we also had our christmas gift exchange with everyone afterwards.
it was such a fun day!

here are the girls in our aprons
cute pregnant amy ready to go!
it was fun because this year jayden really got into it!
mary beth and alex
me and jason
(i feel like we look alike in this picture - do you think so?)

emery kate really enjoyed the festivities too!
one batch of dough wasn't combined correctly - can you tell which one?
i won't tell you who made it :)
jason and alex
the marables

jordan even decorated some
he usually keeps himself occupied by eating the cookies

the winners!
(i got second place!)
my winning cookie:
(the gingerbread house)
the losers
(apparently the "in-laws" didn't do so well this year)
we had fun opening gifts as well!
jayden and emery kate love each other so much!
jason & duncan
campbell's new boots

jason's desired gift
(a pair of coveralls)
thanks everyone for such a fun weekend!
we love it every year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Play Group

This past Friday we had a fun Christmas playgroup!
All the kiddos wore their pj's and we had a yummy brunch.
It was so fun and cute to see all the kids in their precious christmas pj's.

Here are the little babies:
and the entire group of kiddos
me and my kiddos:
the yummy food
marci & campbell
big boy luke
little oscar
precious wilson
dana & magen
sweet danny
adorable ek
mr. duncan
spunky felice
erin & felix
riley & campbell
the kids made this adorable craft
sara getting ready for the craft
the finished product:
it was such a fun party!
thanks dana for always opening your home to us!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Candy with Grandpa

Every Christmas we head over to my grandparents house and have a candy-making day.
It is such a sweet little tradition.
My grandpa has made candy for years and it is delicious.
On Wednesday we headed to their house to continue with our tradition.

jayden was excited :)
so was duncan . . .
emery kate enjoyed it as well


obviously the boys got distracted after awhile and thought wrestling with uncle j would be better!
the finished product:
in case you were wondering i actually didn't help at all - i just took pictures and tried to keep my kids out of trouble in a house that has a lot of glass objects!
amy and mb did most of the cooking!
thanks everyone for another fun memory!