Wednesday, December 15, 2010


On December 11th it happens to be Three of my friends birthdays.
So we had a fun celebrating that day!

Karis had one.
Lindsey had one. (i found that out later - but still wanted to give her the bday shout out :))

And sweet Alex had one!

she turned 26 - so now she is in the "late twenties" - poor thing she is so old :)

we had brunch at bread winners for her bday.
could have been a disaster with four young kids at an uptown location on a saturday morning, but it happened to be great!
they somehow worked it out for us to get to have a room all to ourselves.
yes the place is a bar at night - but it worked great for us during the day!

jason & alex
such a beautiful couple - you should look at the pics marybeth took of them on her tumblir site here
pretty awesome if i say so myself
i think they should be models.
and marybeth does an amazing job with her pics.

sweet emery kate

the girls
blake, jordan, and duncan
(duncan was still a little sick
fyi fact - the day before he went down for a nap at 3 pm and did not wake up until 7 am the next morning - yes he really did that)

inside the bar/resturant
jayden and ek sitting on top of the pool table

campbell was there too, but here is her afterwards
sweetie pie
happy birthday alex, karis, and lindsey -
i am thankful for all of you and hope you had great birthdays!

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Bread Winners said...

Thanks for making us a part of your celebration! We hope to see you and the kiddos back soon. Happy holidays!