Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I am so excited about what we are doing for Advent this year.
(actually it is our first year to do it, so when i say "this year" it is not because we have done it before - just to clarify :))

My friend Dana told me about this book, so I got it.
It is great!
It has a devotional for each day (one for kids and one for adults) and you make a corresponding ornament for each day of the devotional.

campbell has nothing to do with the advent but i just thought it wouldn't be a good post without at least one pic of my kids :)
precious sweet little thing. she went with jordan and i to boston this past weekend. so sweet and wonderful. i will post about that later :)

I was a little overwhelmed at first about making ornaments for each day. But thankfully my friend magen was doing the same thing - so we partnered together, stayed up WAY too late one sunday night - and got all the ornaments done.
it worked out perfect - she designed the ornaments and i copied her :)

here is the finished product:

here is a picture of the book:
the book takes you from creation to christ and each day helps prepare and explain what christmas is all about
a couple of my favorite ones:
a few of my least favorite ones:
(if you are wondering what the one is that looks like a whale - it is a sling shot and five stones - some were kind of hard to make!)
i got a separate tree to put the ornaments on.
it is so fun for jayden because each day he gets to unwrap the ornament, read the devotional and then place the ornament on the tree.

hope you are having a good christmas season so far!
another advent calender that we are doing coming up next . . .

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