Monday, November 18, 2013

Campbell's 3rd Birthday

Campbell's birthday fell right in the middle of us moving.
We were staying at the Marable's b/c our house was empty -
so it was super fun for her to wake up with her cousins on her bday!
(looking at these pictures made me a little sad b/c this was our last weekend in dallas)

Here the sweet girl is waking up to donuts and presents!
Jayden and EK

 yummy donuts!

 Aunt B made Campbell a precious necklace -
so nice to have the most creative person ever as her aunt :)
We decided to not do a party - b/c i have no idea how i would have done that with everything else going on.
So instead we took the cousins to get pedicures which was SO fun.
Campbell thought she was SO big!!!
She LOVED every minute of it!
 Marable girls
 So fun - i love having a girl :)

 Love these sweet girls together

 That evening we had a fun low key night at Dana's parents house to
celebrate Campbell and Danny together.
Their birthday's are 4 days apart and we have had all of their parties together.
 The guys looking at some youtube videos :)
 Who knows what Barron is doing here - but very typical of that sweet boy!
 Swinging with Lolly

 The three year olds!!!

It was a perfect day and a great way to spend one of our last days in Dallas!
We are so thankful for our sweet friends !!!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Good Bye Dallas Party

We had the sweetest good bye party at Flag Hill Park before we officially moved from Texas.
Jordan and I had been up to Michigan the week before closing on our house and moving our things in - but we came back to Dallas for our final good byes.
It was such a fun, low key time with people we love.
Looking at these pics makes my heart thankful (and sad because i wish i could see them in person and not just via instagram :))

Alathea (lifelong friend from Waco) and Me
Karis and I posing at the photo booth

Marci and I

Maci and Miles
Jayden and his sweet friend Gibson

Gibsons mommy Lindsey and me
Joel and Mikayla
It was so fun b/c my Aunt and Uncle happened to be in Dallas for a conference so they were able to come with Travis, Erin and their crew
Kristin and I
Geoffrey and LeeAnn
Meredith and Laura
We loved every part of it and were so thankful to have a time to say goodbye to everyone.
These pics are only a sampling of the people there - just the ones from my camera -
we were overwhelmed by the love and support from our dear friends and community.
What a blessing!