Saturday, November 9, 2013

Good Bye Dallas Party

We had the sweetest good bye party at Flag Hill Park before we officially moved from Texas.
Jordan and I had been up to Michigan the week before closing on our house and moving our things in - but we came back to Dallas for our final good byes.
It was such a fun, low key time with people we love.
Looking at these pics makes my heart thankful (and sad because i wish i could see them in person and not just via instagram :))

Alathea (lifelong friend from Waco) and Me
Karis and I posing at the photo booth

Marci and I

Maci and Miles
Jayden and his sweet friend Gibson

Gibsons mommy Lindsey and me
Joel and Mikayla
It was so fun b/c my Aunt and Uncle happened to be in Dallas for a conference so they were able to come with Travis, Erin and their crew
Kristin and I
Geoffrey and LeeAnn
Meredith and Laura
We loved every part of it and were so thankful to have a time to say goodbye to everyone.
These pics are only a sampling of the people there - just the ones from my camera -
we were overwhelmed by the love and support from our dear friends and community.
What a blessing!

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