Monday, October 13, 2014

Marables and Aunt B's first trip to Michigan

It was so fun with the Marables and Aunt B came up to visit us in October!
We were all so excited to see our family and to show them our new home.
October is the PERFECT time to come visit Michigan, 
cool weather, beautiful fall foliage, apple picking, everything is fun and it is even better when you have family to share it with!

We went to Zingermans Deli for our first dinner.
We usually only go there when we have out of town guests in b/c it is a bit pricy but its a classic ann arbor place that we have to expose everyone too :)

We went apple picking to Erwins Orchard one day
and it was SO MUCH FUN!
Apple cider, apple donuts, apples, pumpkins, and again FAMILY
made it such a fun experience!
sweet girl cousins :)

Aunt B loved the apple donuts :)
so does jayden

On another morning we went to a fun place called Three Cedars Farm -
it has a ton of fun things that the kids could do, like this corn kernel box, john deer tractors, animals, etc
it was so fun!

on saturday we all went to detroit to help out with MACC SPORTS which jason does every week, we helped clean up the fields so that they could do their soccer games there
it is such a neat ministry that MACC avenue does for the community - and it was fun to expose our family to "real" detroit and let them get their hands dirty while they were with us ;)

We loved having our family with us.  It is always sad to see them leave but it makes the times together that much sweeter.  And it helps when you are confident that you are where God has you.  Obedience no matter the cost is worth it!
Excited as I am typing this that my family will be here for Thanksgiving this year!
A lot more fun fall memories to be made!!!! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Team Retreat to Lake Michigan (oct 2013)

At the beginning of october we took a team retreat to Lake Michigan.
It was a great time to get away, get fresh vision and get ready to push again for the rest of the fall.
On our way we stopped at a apple orchard and picked some more apples (2/3 of the year ;))

I love seeing these pics and reminding me how little Barron was back then - cutie pie :) 

 As you can see - Lake Michigan is BEAUTIFUL
it really is like being at the beach.
the sand is amazing and their are waves as well!
it was pretty warm for october which was nice b/c the kids put their feet in the water and were able to splash around!

 The kids found these in the house we were staying in and thought they were HILARIOUS :)

 love this sweet pic of barron :)
captures him perfectly!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall Fun (2013)

One of my favorite things about moving up here has been seeing the bond of friendship and love grow between my kids.  I am sure it would have happened if we were still in Texas but I think in some ways it has made their friendship and love for one another a lot deeper.  They have had to be each others best friends and constant companions so much this past year it has been so sweet to see them grow together.  Esp since they were all home every afternoon :)  I also have loved having them discover so much more of nature and critters living here.  Our house backs up to a nature preserve, plus the ground is so rich with nutrients it doesn't take long to find something crawling around :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Lake Tahoe with the Sudan Family

My parents took us on an amazing vacation to Lake Tahoe in the middle of August 2013.
It was so nice b/c we had just moved up to Michigan and so when we said our last goodbyes in Texas it was nice to know that we would see family again very soon.

Whenever we go on family vacations with my family it always is to some place where you can hike and enjoy God's beautiful creation.
Lake Tahoe did not disappoint.
It was an amazing time of refreshment, joy, fun, laughter, beauty and LOTS OF KIDS.
at this time there were 9 kiddos.
so thankful for my parents sacrificing time and money to take us to a place and i am so thankful that we all get along so well and love being together.
what a joy!
enjoy the beautiful pics!