Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentine's Day (better late than never!)

we had a fun, yet low key valentines day
it was the beginning of everyone (except me) in our house getting sick
so duncan stayed home from school that day
but we still enjoyed ourselves :)

the kids woke up with some fun little treats in their mailbox
nothing big,
but fun nonetheless to celebrate with!
sweet big boy (with bed head)
he ended up with pneumonia by thursday of this week!
another bed head sweet boy
who was sick with a fever and cough
ended up with a double ear infection the next week :)
after running a couple of errands in the am while jayden was in school,
emery kate and molly came over with some cupcakes that they had made
(we keep the sickness in the family - all 5 of them were sick on and off for 2 weeks straight!)
cutie pies - love eachother
(apparently duncan's hair didn't get any better that day)
yummy cupcakes!
now this miss was happy to sit in a big girl chair and eat her cupcake!
molly was too!
don't you dare take this cupcake away from me - or else!

jayden came home from school and was able to enjoy his cupcakes too!
we ended the night at elevate (our church's discipleship training school)
and jordan and i got to go on a date on wednesday night!
it was a fun valentines day and i am thankful for my sweet valentines!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Celebrating Andrew!

last sunday we celebrated the coming of sweet andrew!
it was a sweet time of believing God for what He can do
and celebrating Andrew's life thus far!
you can find Karis's blog here
if you want to know about Andrew's life so far
and what Karis and Kenten are facing and believing God for!

I am thankful to have a friend that has chosen life in the midst of very difficult circumstances
It is a blessing to walk by her side
and to carry her and Kenten during this time.
Karis is a woman full of faith and trust in God
you can see her steadfast trust in God in the middle of very hard circumstances.
I am so thankful to call her my friend.
the three pregnant ladies at the sprinkle :)
jayden wanted to give karis a gift
so he made her this drawing
a fun sparkly card by jen!

we love you Karis and are so thankful for you!
please be praying for this sweet family
Andrew is due the beginning of March and we are asking God for a miracle!
Nothing is too hard for our God!
We are believing with them!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Play Group

for playgroup last friday
we had a valentine's day party
the main event: decorating sugar cookies
yes - this is quite an event with mostly 2-6 year olds decorating
but they did great!
and were so cute with each part of it
i am sure the sugar and icing helped draw them into the task :)
riley & oscar

jasper (in arms), felice, and jayden
the kids were working hard
campbell thought she could do it too
cute emery kate - she loved the sprinkles!
felix, duncan, felice, charlie, and jayden

danny felt a little left out in his high chair
but he still gave us an adorable smile :)

love this!
charlie's completed project
pretty good!
ek, sparrow, and felice

fun was had by all!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jayden's School Valentine's Party

last thursday we had jayden's
school valentine's party
they started off the party with their
recitation of psalm 19 (i think - i can't remember right now!)
and a couple of songs they have been working on
they don't allow siblings to come up for the party
so it is a sweet time with jayden in his "element" at school
they then worked on making their bags
for all the valentine's

after we read a sweet story
(i was the story reader - kind of nerve racking if it is a book you have never read before :))
they then had lunch together
love his sweet teacher and classmates
it has been such a great experience for jayden!
after rest time
jayen helped me make cookies for our playgroup the next day
(jayden took this pic of me :))
cute little guy!
he loves helping in the kitchen!
campbell enjoyed eating one of the cookies when she woke up from her nap
this girl loves her cookies :)

more valentine's post to come . . .