Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jayden's School Valentine's Party

last thursday we had jayden's
school valentine's party
they started off the party with their
recitation of psalm 19 (i think - i can't remember right now!)
and a couple of songs they have been working on
they don't allow siblings to come up for the party
so it is a sweet time with jayden in his "element" at school
they then worked on making their bags
for all the valentine's

after we read a sweet story
(i was the story reader - kind of nerve racking if it is a book you have never read before :))
they then had lunch together
love his sweet teacher and classmates
it has been such a great experience for jayden!
after rest time
jayen helped me make cookies for our playgroup the next day
(jayden took this pic of me :))
cute little guy!
he loves helping in the kitchen!
campbell enjoyed eating one of the cookies when she woke up from her nap
this girl loves her cookies :)

more valentine's post to come . . .

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