Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentine's Day (better late than never!)

we had a fun, yet low key valentines day
it was the beginning of everyone (except me) in our house getting sick
so duncan stayed home from school that day
but we still enjoyed ourselves :)

the kids woke up with some fun little treats in their mailbox
nothing big,
but fun nonetheless to celebrate with!
sweet big boy (with bed head)
he ended up with pneumonia by thursday of this week!
another bed head sweet boy
who was sick with a fever and cough
ended up with a double ear infection the next week :)
after running a couple of errands in the am while jayden was in school,
emery kate and molly came over with some cupcakes that they had made
(we keep the sickness in the family - all 5 of them were sick on and off for 2 weeks straight!)
cutie pies - love eachother
(apparently duncan's hair didn't get any better that day)
yummy cupcakes!
now this miss was happy to sit in a big girl chair and eat her cupcake!
molly was too!
don't you dare take this cupcake away from me - or else!

jayden came home from school and was able to enjoy his cupcakes too!
we ended the night at elevate (our church's discipleship training school)
and jordan and i got to go on a date on wednesday night!
it was a fun valentines day and i am thankful for my sweet valentines!

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