Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Boys Bicycle Initiation

we have been busy with our bikes around here!
duncan started riding his bike a couple of weeks ago
and on thursday -
jayden decided he was ready to take his training wheels off -
and ride his bike like a BIG BOY
(we have done this a couple of times before, but to no avail - but this time it clicked - and there is no going back!)

in fact - last night - he rode his bike all the way to zuzu's (almost a mile from our house)
and back!
he was so proud and so was i!
you can tell his legs have taken a hit
i texted my sister this picture last night and asked her if it was okay - it looks horrible -
but she said it is just boys being boys!
on friday night jordan wanted to initiate the boys
into this new BIG step!
jordan wants us to value the small things (or big things) in life and stop
and celebrate them - and help the boys realize they have really accomplished something
instead of just moving on to the next thing
(which is a challenge for jordan and i b/c we can do that normally)
we were in waco for the night and alice had gotten a cake
so it was the perfect way to celebrate
jordan gave each of the boys small wrenches
b/c you need them with bikes,
and it was a good token to mark their progression!
they loved it and felt super special and celebrated!
so thankful for the nice weather to ride our bikes outside!
jayden & duncan - we are so proud of you and your new step in boyhood!

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