Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Play Group

for playgroup last friday
we had a valentine's day party
the main event: decorating sugar cookies
yes - this is quite an event with mostly 2-6 year olds decorating
but they did great!
and were so cute with each part of it
i am sure the sugar and icing helped draw them into the task :)
riley & oscar

jasper (in arms), felice, and jayden
the kids were working hard
campbell thought she could do it too
cute emery kate - she loved the sprinkles!
felix, duncan, felice, charlie, and jayden

danny felt a little left out in his high chair
but he still gave us an adorable smile :)

love this!
charlie's completed project
pretty good!
ek, sparrow, and felice

fun was had by all!

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