Friday, March 19, 2010

we were in waco this past week while jordan was in haiti. we had a great time hanging out with the grandparents. we got to go to a couple of baylor baseball games and i had to capture how precious jayden looks in his little baylor outfit! apparently he made a verbal commitment to my dad that he would play baseball for baylor :) we won't tell his other aggie grandparents (wink wink alice and greg!) doesn't he just look like a precious baylor boy in his outfit? he loved the game and wanted to go to more!


who doesn't love the dallas arboretum at this time of year? we headed there last week to try to capture some pics of the kids with our photographer sister here. (these pictures are from me not mary beth - i am sure hers are WAY better!) we didn't get the greatest pictures but we still had fun in the beautiful place!

cousin bath time

blake, amy and emery kate stayed with us for a few days while they were waiting for the floors to be done in their new (precious) house. it was fun all being together under the same roof. the cousins loved it because they got to play together even more!

clownin' around

my sister mary beth was here for her spring break. she is an artist. we do not think the same way. she is doing an amazing senior project with photography - it has to do with the circus.
enough said.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

sunny days!

thankfully it is finally sunny and pretty here! we are so thankful and ready to be able to play outside. today was a perfect day for it and we met our friends gibson and grayson at the park to play and enjoy the wonderful weather. it was so much fun and these boys are all precious and so cute together!