Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Fun (pools, splash parks, vacation)

We have been trying to stay cool as much as possible this summer. So we are big fans of anything water! We love splash parks (a great invention - allows you to play in the water but you don't have to worry about drowning (just maybe getting hit by a big kid running!)), we also love to go swimming now that jayden has completed his first year of swim lessons. We were in Frisco with the Ogdens for an in-town vacation a couple of weekends ago and it was great because we stayed out at the pool and Jayden got to practice his new skills.
I wanted to post some of the random pictures from all of our water adventures!

Zoo Fun

While in Waco we were able to go to the Zoo one day with Jayden's second cousin Lily. They had a great time and so much fun playing together. Lily is so good for Jayden because she will get him to do things that he normally would be a little hesitant to do. We also went to Zoobilee on Saturday in Waco. It is a fun party at the Zoo with tons of food, games, and activities for the kids to do.

Swim Lessons

A couple of weeks ago while Jordan was in Peru, the boys and I were down in Waco for Jayden to take his first ever swim lessons. My dear friend Joy has taught swimming lessons from her parents pool for 20+ years - so it was nice to have someone so dear to me to be teaching him. Several of my siblings and my cousins learned from Ms. Joy and Ms.Allison so it was fun for Jayden to join in this tradition.
I was super impressed with what they did with the kids. Jayden had no clue how to swim before going to school, and after 8 - 40 minute lessons - he is able to swim from one person to another with his head under the water. (don't get me wrong - he doesn't have any strokes and it doesn't look great - but he is able to move from one place to another and know how to get around in the pool)
Thanks Joy & Allison for doing such a good job with Jayden. And thank you Mom & Dad for letting us invade your house for almost two weeks!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Duncan is One!

Sweet little Duncan turned one on Friday. We were in Frisco with the Ogdens for a little in-town get away. It was such a fun time to relax, swim (jayden just finished swimming lessons - more on that later), eat good food, and be together as a family.
We celebrated with cake and cookies and Duncan of course - LOVED IT! It took him a bit of time to get use to the cake but once he figured it out - he loved it!
We had his one year appointment yesterday and he is doing well. He did get quite mad at Dr.D when he had to clean his ears out to look at them. Dr.D put on his report "feisty red head!"
Here are his one year stats:
Weight: 20lbs 5 ounces (15 %) - great considering he was up from 8% last appt.
Height: 29 inches - (25%)
FOC: 18 1/8 inches - (40%)
Way to go Duncan - we love you and are so thankful for your sweet, fun, busy little self!