Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the weekend :)

this sunday my sister, dad, brother and i ran the white rock half. it was a lot of fun and great weather (though a little overcast) to run the race. i made a goal before i had kids that i wanted to run a half marathon in between each child. my thought process was that it would get me back in shape and running longer distances but doesn't require the time and energy that a full marathon does. i was glad to run the race this sunday, it was perfect timing because . . .

on monday we received this little picture at the doctors office . . .
yes! i am pregnant - due august 1st. we are excited about becoming a family of five :)

this weekend we also had our annual sudan christmas decorating contest.
it was a lot of fun and one of my favorite traditions that we do every year.

the winning cookie - of course made by marybeth the art major :)

the winners - my dad with honorable mention, me in 3rd, jason in 2nd and marybeth in 1st