Friday, September 28, 2012

Camp Ozark (part 1)

 Labor day weekend we were invited to the most fun destination wedding ever!
We went to Camp Ozark for Angela's wedding.
Angela is the youngest daughter of the owners,
and I grew up going to camp with her.
We were so thankful and honored to be invited.  
Our whole family got invited and it was like a mini family camp
with the most beautiful elegant wedding ending the time.

I loved being able to show my kids camp.
It was such a fun, special time of my growing up
and I love that they got indoctrinated early in the ways of Camp O!
 We spent a lot of time here at Wacky World.
Water trampolines, slides, mini blob, and a swing into the water.
 The water was cold -
but once you got use to it it was okay :)
 love these views of the beautiful arkansas trees

 barron was a trooper (as usual)
i brought the bassinet
and laid it on the cabin floor
(yes all of us were in a cabin together - no air conditioning
and very humid!)
its a lot different experiencing that part as an adult than as a camper :)
 jason brought hallie
(alex was in chicago at another wedding)

 these boats were new
they were a big hit!
they are like bumper boats with a water gun you can spray at one another
the kids LOVED these
duncan of course thought he was big stuff driving his own boat
and spraying everyone at the same time!

up next . . . Western Night

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Duncan's first day of school

 A week after Jayden started school,
Duncan started.
He is going to school two days a week Monday and Wednesdays from 9:30-2:30
(can you see how my schedule is starting to get confusing?)
He has the sweetest teachers as well,
and one of his friends Luke from church is in his class too -
so that makes it extra fun!
Typical Duncan right now
He LOVES swords!
 comparison pick from last year (left) to this year (right)
you can really see how much he has grown up in these pictures
 sweet boy
(jayden took these pictures)

 his sweet teacher
little guy from lsat year!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jayden's First Day of School (catching up!)

 Last month (!) Jayden started E2 at his school.
He has the sweetest teacher and has loved his year so far.
Jayden goes to school on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-12
so he is still at home with us most of the time.
 He gets to take a backpack this year to school,
so that is fun!
 Funny thing about this picture,
I have the exact same one from last year and he was drawing on the exact same face.
I guess that is the way they like to start the year at Providence!
I wanted to put to pictures side by side of Jayden from last year and this year.
This year is on the left and last year is on the right.
He looks pretty similar if you ask me.
Cute thing!