Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Emery Kate!

sweet emery kate turned one today!
look at that happy little face, she is such a joy!
(love this outfit too - makes me super excited about having a girl ;))
it seems like just yesterday that you were born and we were up at the hospital waiting for your mom to deliver you!

amy & blake had a party for her on sunday - i tried to capture some of it

here is emery kate's precious little outfit. blake's sister carey made the tutu - so cute!
love this pic!
(mary beth took it, not me - she is the better photographer!)
sweet mom and daughter
sweet marable family
cupcake table
jayden loved the party
(as you can see all the balls in the background - he was in heaven!)
precious sara the princess!
the bruces (anna is almost one too!)
magen and wilson
robin (and oscar), kristina, karis, jaime
aunt al with duncan
(notice he is eating - seems to be all that he does these days, he LOVES to eat and will get very upset when you try to take food away from him! don't ask me where it all goes - b/c he is still a tiny little guy!)
precious felix
the pregnant girls:
karis, me, and dana

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Riding Bikes with Daddy

yesterday was jayden's first day to really "figure out" how to ride his bike. he has had it for almost a year now - but jordan adjusted the seat and the pedals yesterday and i think it was the perfect combination for him to put together the mechanics of bike riding :)
we had to go to the bike shop last night to get jordan's bike tire fixed and jayden took his bike to get it's wheels filled up with air - he thought it was so much fun and was so excited that him and daddy could ride their bikes together! (the "ride" consisted of going up and down our street - but hey it was a good start!)
it is so fun to see jayden's excitement in the little things of life (not that riding a bike is considered "little") but today we went to see our neighbor (who is three) soccer game and it was the most exciting thing for jayden. he said afterwards to us many times - "that was so fun mommy." i love it - it is teaching me to take pleasure in the simple joys of life - watching them through the eyes of an almost three year old. riding the bike with daddy, going to a soccer game, or just being with friends. life is good and i am thankful that i am learning to enjoy it even more!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mary Beth's Senior Art Exhibition

On Tuesday night Mary Beth had the opening of her senior art exhibition at Baylor. We all went down and got to see the fabulous 10 pictures she did called "The Act." It was AMAZING!!!! Her work was studying her fear and fascination with performance. She created 10 different images of circus scenes and made her work. (i know i am not describing it well but as a non-artist i am doing my best). I tried to take some pictures of the images but it might be hard to see some of them.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Picnic at the Park

it was such a beautiful day today that we decided to end it with a picnic at the park with amy, blake, emery kate and geoffrey. what a great way to end the week! it was a perfect opportunity to bring the camera out and capture some sweet memories of the little ones!

sweet little D - look at that smile! (it is about to change though, his two front teeth are peeking through)

not the best picture of J - but it captures him at this time in his life. he LOVES soccer and would play it all day if he could. when he talks about turning three he immediately tells you that he will be playing soccer and baseball when he is three :)

precious EK is almost one! and almost walking!

playing soccer with daddy

i mean - look at that little precious face! so cute :)
one of the last of the toothless smiles
duncan loves his brother (and jayden loves him too!)

i know he is a bit old for the swing - but he wanted to get in it and i finally got a picture of him smiling - so i kept it!
sweet cousins

family pic