Friday, April 23, 2010

Mary Beth's Senior Art Exhibition

On Tuesday night Mary Beth had the opening of her senior art exhibition at Baylor. We all went down and got to see the fabulous 10 pictures she did called "The Act." It was AMAZING!!!! Her work was studying her fear and fascination with performance. She created 10 different images of circus scenes and made her work. (i know i am not describing it well but as a non-artist i am doing my best). I tried to take some pictures of the images but it might be hard to see some of them.


Penelope said...

wow! mary beth's art is AMAZING!!! she is VERY talented.

p.s. your boys are precious too. especially love the red hair on your little guy! ;)

ellen said...

WOW! So cool! And I get to sleep in the room with all that art when I see your parents! Love you guys! Enjoyed the bike pictures on your latest post too! Always praying for all of you!