Friday, April 16, 2010

Picnic at the Park

it was such a beautiful day today that we decided to end it with a picnic at the park with amy, blake, emery kate and geoffrey. what a great way to end the week! it was a perfect opportunity to bring the camera out and capture some sweet memories of the little ones!

sweet little D - look at that smile! (it is about to change though, his two front teeth are peeking through)

not the best picture of J - but it captures him at this time in his life. he LOVES soccer and would play it all day if he could. when he talks about turning three he immediately tells you that he will be playing soccer and baseball when he is three :)

precious EK is almost one! and almost walking!

playing soccer with daddy

i mean - look at that little precious face! so cute :)
one of the last of the toothless smiles
duncan loves his brother (and jayden loves him too!)

i know he is a bit old for the swing - but he wanted to get in it and i finally got a picture of him smiling - so i kept it!
sweet cousins

family pic


Wynne & Stephen said...

christy! I just love reading your blog & keeping up with all of you. your boys are precious! It's so fun to see all of these great waco families be one big family! oh seeing all of you brings me back to the good ole vanguard days. oh and your photos are great! you do a great job photographing your kids - what kind of camera do you shoot with?

The Sudan Fam said...

one is never too old for a good swing! looks like yall had fun! we need to see you guys soon! maybe we can make it to one of the chuy's happy hour one day...

Amy Marable said...

love those pics Christy! That was so fun...we need to do it again soon while the weather is so nice! I love seeing Emery Kate with her cousins!

Wynne & Stephen said...

thank you christy for YOUR comment! i AM actually in the process of starting my photography business. i'm getting some good experience & building my portfolio right now and having a blast. how do you like the 35mm? i have a 50mm 1.4 and LOVE it. i have a 1.8 and my dad had a 1.4 that he never used & he gave it to me! I am in love! but i LOVE fixed lenses & am debating between my next lens being a 35mm or 85mm. hmm. keep up the good work!