Saturday, April 24, 2010

Riding Bikes with Daddy

yesterday was jayden's first day to really "figure out" how to ride his bike. he has had it for almost a year now - but jordan adjusted the seat and the pedals yesterday and i think it was the perfect combination for him to put together the mechanics of bike riding :)
we had to go to the bike shop last night to get jordan's bike tire fixed and jayden took his bike to get it's wheels filled up with air - he thought it was so much fun and was so excited that him and daddy could ride their bikes together! (the "ride" consisted of going up and down our street - but hey it was a good start!)
it is so fun to see jayden's excitement in the little things of life (not that riding a bike is considered "little") but today we went to see our neighbor (who is three) soccer game and it was the most exciting thing for jayden. he said afterwards to us many times - "that was so fun mommy." i love it - it is teaching me to take pleasure in the simple joys of life - watching them through the eyes of an almost three year old. riding the bike with daddy, going to a soccer game, or just being with friends. life is good and i am thankful that i am learning to enjoy it even more!

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ellen said...

Love seeing the pictures of your whole family!!!! Praying for you always!