Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Emery Kate!

sweet emery kate turned one today!
look at that happy little face, she is such a joy!
(love this outfit too - makes me super excited about having a girl ;))
it seems like just yesterday that you were born and we were up at the hospital waiting for your mom to deliver you!

amy & blake had a party for her on sunday - i tried to capture some of it

here is emery kate's precious little outfit. blake's sister carey made the tutu - so cute!
love this pic!
(mary beth took it, not me - she is the better photographer!)
sweet mom and daughter
sweet marable family
cupcake table
jayden loved the party
(as you can see all the balls in the background - he was in heaven!)
precious sara the princess!
the bruces (anna is almost one too!)
magen and wilson
robin (and oscar), kristina, karis, jaime
aunt al with duncan
(notice he is eating - seems to be all that he does these days, he LOVES to eat and will get very upset when you try to take food away from him! don't ask me where it all goes - b/c he is still a tiny little guy!)
precious felix
the pregnant girls:
karis, me, and dana


Amy Marable said...

Thanks for the sweet post Christy! Of course you captured much better pictures than me :)
So excited about my neice too...

The Lacys said...

you are having a girl?!?!? Hooray!

ellen said...

A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray!
Love all of you and the pictures! So fun to have good friends share those moments just like we did!