Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Strawberry Picking at Gnismer Farms!

last week our playgroup from church went to pick strawberries at a farm in arlington called gnismer farms. it was SUCH a fun activity for the kids - they loved it! i didn't realize this until we went but strawberries are the perfect thing for kids jayden's age to pick because they are low to the ground and it seems pretty easy to tell which ones are good or not (basically you want the bright red ones and not the green ones!). it took j a little time to get the hang of the "type" of strawberry to get - but he got it. as one mom said - jayden was more into "quanity" than "quality!"
duncan tried to pick some and eat them - (of course!) - so i had to keep him away from the berries as much as possible.
it was a great outing and i highly recommend it if you are in the area - it is only open on wednesday afternoons and saturday mornings - but it is a great thing to do with kids.
we made strawberry jam with the strawberries that we picked - but sadly my jam did not "gel" as it was suppose to. oh well!


Kelli said...

Again, such good pictures Christy! Love the pic of all the little ones holding hands.

Lindsey said...

we picked there a couple of weeks ago! it's close to my parents and in-laws houses!