Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mary Beth & Alex's Graduation

Mary Beth and Alex both graduated this weekend. Mary Beth from Baylor with a BFA (bachelor of fine arts) and Alex from UTA with a MSW (masters in social work). They both did great and I am proud of them both! I went to Alex's graduation but unfortunately don't have any pictures to capture the event - (of course you are not missing anything because it poured when we got there and my mom and i did not have an umbrella and walked quite a distance in the rain - we looked somewhat like wet dogs :)). The whole family (minus alex who went to colorado) went down to waco for Mary Beth's graduation and then we had a picnic lunch at a river house together. It was so much fun! We are excited because "B" is coming to live with us for six months until she goes to Uganda for a year. It will be fun having her up here in Dallas and it will be nice to have some extra hands with the new baby!

beautiful graduate
she painted this on top of her cap so that we could tell where she was sitting, unfortunately you can see how big the stadium is - we weren't able to see her!
cute pic (i know!) all four of us are baylor grads - giving the good ole' sic em bears!

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ellen said...

Can't believe Andrew and MB have graduated! Didn't know she was going to Uganda! will be praying! Looks like all of the Sudan and Forrester kids will be in Dallas at least for a little while!
Love you guys!