Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom (and a rap from JO)

My sister wrote the most beautiful tribute to my mom on her blog. I agree completely with everything she wrote. (she is way better with words than me!)
I am so thankful for my mom. She is so full of grace, love and mercy and is the biggest servant i have ever known. She has taught me a lot about being a mom and I am thankful for the way that she raised me to love the call of raising a family.
Thanks mom for being who you are! I love you!

I also had to add the rap that Jordan made for me for mother's day. It was so good! Just read it with a beat in your head. Jordan shared it at church today too - it was so funny!
(and the name of the rap is Ghetto Fabulous Motherhood)

GHETTO FABULOUS. The brother who had a mother that makes much of his brother in the way that she is a mother – that brother will make much of his brother and his brother’s brother that points back to the mother who is more than a breeder of brothers….more than a breeder of brothers y’all.

She gets up in the morning, laces on her shoes – yells to her husband ‘be back in a few’ . she runs through the dark streets, with her blue ipod, she’s a runner and a prayer – all before the day breaks.

Breaking back in to the home, that’s right, the home that she’s a-making – she breaks in to the beans, the beans that she’ll be brewin – not watching grinding beans, no that’s not her thing – she’s off to the shower, beans can grind while she shines.

Adding poison to poison, into her cup she pours – all the while a towel is resting like a pet on all fours – on top of her head, years of practice taught her how, ‘mommy what’s on your head’, is jayden’s question of the hour.

And the hour after hour starts just at this hour, not to mention hour 2 - when she was off the clock. But the clock doesn’t stop for sleeping or for reading – we’re a family full of clocks, all ticking as we’re pleasing, but it’s the mommy that’s the clock-girl, taking care of clocks – watch out – clock, clock – she even washes socks, and puts on socks, and also blocks-

Blocks that cough that you try, try to cough up in her face-her lovely face just got shiny, don’t go coughing in her face – she’s like lace , lace dunn – ya’ll – knocking down the 3, and on the drive – just try to stop her, she gets to the rack.

And the birds and the bees – geez – don’t you know where you get kids – yes, thank you co-worker x, and for your vision to rid, your life of your kids, not to rid but to raise – yeah that is her vision, yeah she’s got vision y’all, vision….for a generation being raised, changing cities, changing nations, she don’t got time for your lip – so why don’t you just skip or save – your kid-ridding for another – I’ve got a vision for more brothers and more sisters, and to make much of being a mother. That’s right y’all.


The Sudan Fam said...

jordan's rap is sooo funny! i love it! he always thinks of such creative things to do for you!

ellen said...

1. LOVE your Mom!
2. Picturing Jordan rapping made my night! So awesome!