Monday, October 7, 2013

Ogden Family Vacation (catching up on life . . .)

We had a busy summer.
We had sold our house, bought a new house in Michigan, moved to Michigan,
and went on several trips in between while also saying lots of goodbyes to
our family and friends.

Right after we packed our u-haul we headed to San Antonio for
a vacation with Jordan's family at La Cantera Resort.
We had been there before and LOVE it -
its a great, family friendly place to stay and its easy to get to from Waco.

Here are some pics from our time there!
Barron enjoying the smores by the pool:
 Heading on a nature hike

 Enjoying the slip n slide :)

 Fun at the pool

 The ogden brothers racing on the slip n slide 

 enjoying more s'mores
 our crew :)
we were so thankful we got this time with jordan's family before we moved.
it was a sweet time of all being together!
Jordan and I left sunday morning to catch a flight to Ann Arbor to close on our house
and meet our U-haul to unpack!
It was a crazy few days but we were glad to get away before the craziness started and just enjoy being together with family!