Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Take me out to the ball game!

Last night we went with our lifegroup to the Ranger game. We brought a bunch of people from a group called The Well to allow them to experience the fun of a ranger game! The Ranger's were so kind to donate tickets for all of us to come.
Jayden was SUPER excited (as usual!) about going to the baseball game (and that his friend Nate was going to ride with us) so we were looking forward to this night for several days.
I love Jayden's enthusiasm about life, from small things to big things he get's really excited about them.

a family pic
jayden & duncan are wearing their ranger shirts that uncle g got them for their birthday - isn't that sweet of him?
it was so fun because charlie ended up coming with us too!
you can tell that the boys had a fun time!
charlie, jayden, nate
little miss campbell
love this sweet picture (and with d in the background!)
i fall more in love with her each day!
she didn't have a ranger shirt but i tried to have her in the correct color combination!

the boy's enjoying their hot dogs!
daddy and dunc
(this little guy is BUSY, he is all over the place - and LOVES that he can walk!)
amy, maggie, & caroline
some of our friends from the Well
drew, matt, bob, & geoffrey

Monday, September 27, 2010

It's FALL!!

it's finally fall and today it actually feels like it! it is such a nice break from the hot september we have had.
jayden and alice went to the pumpkin patch yesterday to pick out some pumpkins for our house.
jayden apparently found A LOT of pumpkins that he liked :)

(i love all of the different ones he picked out, the yellow skinny one next to the basket is his favorite)
on saturday we celebrated geoffrey's birthday at ruth's chris steakhouse!
(without kids (except for campbell) which made it way more fun!)
happy birthday geoffrey! we love you!
just thought i would end with a cute little picture of campbell.
sweet little thing! she is so much fun!
you might not be able to tell in this picture - but she is looking so much like jordan to me!
happy monday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the perfect little picture -

sweaty little boy
dressed up, beautiful little girl
best friends sitting together
watching the next game
after she just watched his
what could be sweeter ?

so thankful for their little friendship, they are quite a pair!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Soccer Game #2

jayden's second game went a lot better! he still didn't really kick the ball and play in the way that he knows how to, but he ran around a lot (as opposed to half way running like he did last week). we are making improvements, so we are glad! it was a lot more fun playing on an actual soccer field as opposed to the Y gym that we played in last week.
duncan and daddy
(coach had more fun this week too!)
water break with teammates
the fans
uncle geoffrey, alice, duncan, campbell, aunt B, ryan Q, chief, wilson, and sara
(what a great cheering squad!)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finally . . .

a picture of all five us where we are somewhat looking in the same direction :)
thanks to aunt B!
also note campbell's precious flower. i copied my friend kelly and got it from this site.
(sorry kelly but when is saw h2 with it - i just had to have one!)

and yes - i do try to coordinate us all in similar colors when we go to church sometimes,
i am real cool like that.

at least i am admitting it and not trying to hide it:)

but i am sure those of you who really know me, aren't that surprised at all.
oh well.

(in other exciting news our fridge is broken and we are trying to figure out if we should get a new one or try to buy the part and fix it ourselves. fun times.)

Monday, September 13, 2010

First Soccer Game

Jayden had his first soccer game this Saturday. We have been looking forward to playing soccer for the last couple of years :) Jayden loves to play outside with daddy and was so excited when he turned three because he could then play soccer. So the day finally came when we were able to sign him up and get him in his first league.
All week (month) we have been talking about soccer and playing his first game, I was curious how little J was going to do actually playing on a team. In new situations he gets very quiet and kind of takes everything in for awhile until he is comfortable with the situation. I was unsure if he would do the same when it came to playing on a team.
Well - Jayden was true to him self, and pretty much just stood on the "field" (it was at the Y indoors because the fields were too wet from the massive amounts of rain we had last week) while everyone was running around him. He is usually a really good kicker (of course i am his mom and i am biased!) but he didn't even kick the ball.
you would think that Jayden would have been less nervous with having this guy as his coach, but it didn't seem to help
(yes jordan is the coach! i feel really bad after the first game that i got him into this situation, he had told me that he would be willing to coach if they desperately needed someone - well a few weeks ago they called me and asked (begged) and i told them that my husband was up for the job! little did i know that a little more is involved than just coaching the team, you have to administrate everything and it is not really coaching at this age it is just pushing the kids in the right direction. jordan is a great coach and soccer player but i think dealing with three year olds is a bit of a different situation. apparently i owe jordan an endless supply of cookie cakes for getting him this situation!
standing around with the other players while one kid kicked the ball into the goal was kind of how the game went!
the boys after the game
jayden didn't seem to be sad or upset about the way the game went, he was especially glad when he got to have the cheetos for a post game snack!
the fans (minus amy & ek)

little dunc
(he probably moved more than j during the game:) he is a busy, busy boy - who has started walking (video to come soon!)
getting a pep talk from aunt amy
cute little guy!
maybe next week will go better - but my assumption is it will take until game 6 or 7 for him to start really playing (and some bribing with m&m's)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day weekend @ the Lake

we went to the lakehouse on friday with my family. it was a great time being with everyone, except that jayden got really sick on saturday (threw up alot!) and my mom was sick the whole time
i was excited to have the excuse to put campbell in her darling bathing suit!
(yes i did wake her up from a nap to dress her in it, but i couldn't resist!)

i am trying to get some pics of jordan and i with her
i realized we don't have a family pic except the one from when she was first born
(probably b/c it is really hard getting 3 young kids to sit together and look the same direction, ask tim who took our pic in salado!)
she is starting to smile
so sweet

the kids loved playing on the "water island" that is a huge float that goes in the water
(they preferred it on the land and had just as much fun with it there)

this is sweet j in between "getting sick" times
poor guy - he was such a trooper

duncan is almost walking, he could if he wanted to but i think he lacks confidence
he can stand up from sitting and he cruises everywhere, he even takes up to 10 steps by himself - but once he realizes he is doing it, he sits down and crawls
cute little thing!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

last weekend

we went to waco (and salado) last weekend for pictures and time with family.

here is jayden and duncan in the wagon on the way to mountainview park
coach and duncan riding on the fire engine
after the park we went to ridgewood with the ogdens for one last swim before the end of summer
(you can see that duncan and campbell really enjoyed the time there :))

we went to salado for pictures
the boys always love playing at the pond afterwards

sweet little campbell
(who do you all think she looks like? i think she is a good mix of both d & j - maybe soon i will post some comparison pics!)