Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Take me out to the ball game!

Last night we went with our lifegroup to the Ranger game. We brought a bunch of people from a group called The Well to allow them to experience the fun of a ranger game! The Ranger's were so kind to donate tickets for all of us to come.
Jayden was SUPER excited (as usual!) about going to the baseball game (and that his friend Nate was going to ride with us) so we were looking forward to this night for several days.
I love Jayden's enthusiasm about life, from small things to big things he get's really excited about them.

a family pic
jayden & duncan are wearing their ranger shirts that uncle g got them for their birthday - isn't that sweet of him?
it was so fun because charlie ended up coming with us too!
you can tell that the boys had a fun time!
charlie, jayden, nate
little miss campbell
love this sweet picture (and with d in the background!)
i fall more in love with her each day!
she didn't have a ranger shirt but i tried to have her in the correct color combination!

the boy's enjoying their hot dogs!
daddy and dunc
(this little guy is BUSY, he is all over the place - and LOVES that he can walk!)
amy, maggie, & caroline
some of our friends from the Well
drew, matt, bob, & geoffrey


Luana said...

Christy, I loved reading your blog at the ball field. Jayden looked so happy with his buddies. Yall are such fun parents.Love you all!
love mom. This was the first blog I have ever done. I hope to get faster in my typing. Love that Ogden group! Love MOM

ellen said...

Go, Luana on the blog comments!!!!WOOHOO!
Love your family, Christy! Such fun memories you are making!