Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finally . . .

a picture of all five us where we are somewhat looking in the same direction :)
thanks to aunt B!
also note campbell's precious flower. i copied my friend kelly and got it from this site.
(sorry kelly but when is saw h2 with it - i just had to have one!)

and yes - i do try to coordinate us all in similar colors when we go to church sometimes,
i am real cool like that.

at least i am admitting it and not trying to hide it:)

but i am sure those of you who really know me, aren't that surprised at all.
oh well.

(in other exciting news our fridge is broken and we are trying to figure out if we should get a new one or try to buy the part and fix it ourselves. fun times.)

1 comment:

kelly said...

i love that you just wrote "i'm cool like that"! ahahahaaaa!!! good luck with the fridge. it's okay - it's not like you really need it for a family of 5 with small children anyway, right? :)