Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day weekend @ the Lake

we went to the lakehouse on friday with my family. it was a great time being with everyone, except that jayden got really sick on saturday (threw up alot!) and my mom was sick the whole time
i was excited to have the excuse to put campbell in her darling bathing suit!
(yes i did wake her up from a nap to dress her in it, but i couldn't resist!)

i am trying to get some pics of jordan and i with her
i realized we don't have a family pic except the one from when she was first born
(probably b/c it is really hard getting 3 young kids to sit together and look the same direction, ask tim who took our pic in salado!)
she is starting to smile
so sweet

the kids loved playing on the "water island" that is a huge float that goes in the water
(they preferred it on the land and had just as much fun with it there)

this is sweet j in between "getting sick" times
poor guy - he was such a trooper

duncan is almost walking, he could if he wanted to but i think he lacks confidence
he can stand up from sitting and he cruises everywhere, he even takes up to 10 steps by himself - but once he realizes he is doing it, he sits down and crawls
cute little thing!

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Amy Marable said...

So fun having everyone together! Love campbell's swimsuit!!!